ITHL 2011 Sumup& Award Presentation Held In Phnom Penh

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Published: 2012.02.10

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ITHL 2011 Sumup & Award Presentation was held grandly on January 14th ,2012 at Intercon Hotel in Phnom Penh. The top management of the Group Company, headed by Group Chairman Mr Huang Xinglong, and Group Executive Manager Mr Li Fenghong, had attended the presentation.
At the presentation, Group Executive Manager Mr Li Fenghong and CEO of CFOCN Mr Cao Gang addressed the reports--2011 Annual Work Summary & 2012 Annual Work Plans of the Group company and CFOCN respectively. The 2011 annual good performenced groups and individuals in work had been granted awards by top leaders of the Group company.
Following up the presentation, a festival with abundant entertaining programmes performed by collegues had been enjoyed to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

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