CFOCN Shareholder Successfully Introduced in Strategic Investors

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Published: 2011.10.21

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On March 18, 2011, International Telecommunication Holdings Limited (ITHL), the upper-layer shareholder of Cambodia Fiber Optic Communication Network Co, Ltd (CFOCN), had successfully introduced in strategic investors, with the signing ceremony held in Beijing, China.

ITHL, the upper-layer shareholder of CFOCN,with its headquarters located in Hong Kong SAR, China, has simultaneously introduced in two strategic investors---Chaoyu Limited and China-ASEAN Telecommunications Limited. ITHL’s registered capital will be increased to USD230 million, which has greatly strengthened the company’s capability and moreover, contributed a lot to its strategic development, new market exploration, management improvement and the future IPO in the international capital market, etc.

China-Asean Telecommunication, subsidary of China-ASEAN Investment Cooperation Fund, which dedicates itself to supporting the infrastructural constructions in ASEAN nations.

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