Mr Cao Gang Was Appointed CEO of CFOCN

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Published: 2011.10.21

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On May 18, 2011, the Board of Directors of the upper-layer shareholder of Cambodia Fiber Optic Communication Network Co, Ltd (CFOCN) resolved that i) to officially appoint Mr Cao Gang (Steven) CEO of CFOCN; ii) to appoint Mr Huang Xinglong, the former President and CEO of CFOCN, President of CFOCN.

Mr Cao Gang, born in 1966, is a Singapore citizen with a Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering of (China) Shanghai Jiaotong University and an MBA degree of Hull University of Britain. He used to work for Shanghai No 1 Meters Co, Ltd (currently called Agilent Co), NTU (Nanyan Technological University in Singapore) and Hewlett – Packard (HP Singapore), during which he has gained valuable experience in project engineering and management. Mr Cao Gang joined CFOCN in May 2006. Since then he has successively been appointed Administrative Manager, Public Relations Manager, Marketing Manager, Assistant General Manager and Deputy GM.

Mr Cao Gang, with years of overseas working experience, is a man of rich knowledge in ICT, high proficiency in English and remarkable skills in management.

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